“Either you make your decision or eventually a decision will be made for you.”

The first time I heard these words, I was already in a state of despondence and it made matters only worse. Initially, I was frustrated and angered by the truth these words held. It took me days of pondering (after all I’m a human, trying to make the most out of this short life) to acknowledge and gradually accept it’s inevitability. However, when I did see past the illusions of my anxiety, there was hope.

Here’s what I want to share with you all and specially to my ignorant self:

“Life can be beautiful, buddy! All you need to do is let your heart be your guide.

Life is not a race. Just ¬†because everyone are doing it, doesn’t mean you got to put yourself through it as well. Remember, sometimes somethings are not meant for you because there are better things out there waiting for you. You need to learn to walk away from things that doesn’t give you inner satisfaction. True, you might miss out on alluring opportunities and valuable experiences but there is nothing wrong about it. Instead I bet, it’ll do you more than good to spend your time and energy on things that truly matters to you!”

With this in mind, I proudly announce that I’m all set to be who I am meant to be. Yes, I am aware that in no time I might stumble and end up tumbling downhill. But unlike times before, I do believe in my ability to dust off and pick myself up over and over again until I reach top!

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Ultimately, its’s time for a new lease of life!

So without further ado, you’re welcome aboard…..