#1 Nathi meets the Rubik’s Cube

The first time I laid my curious hands on the Rubik’s cube was a disaster. I might have been around 11 or 12 years old when my parents with full of hope, eagerly presented me with a Classic Rubik’s cube for my birthday. I was not really impressed but nevertheless the inquisitive part of me took over. So, I enthusiastically grabbed the cube and decided, “I’ll be the master of it.” Little did I know then, that I’m going to miserably fail at it or sooner than later give it up for years.

As the days went by, I began to like the Rubik’s cube lesser and lesser. Also, I was too stubborn to take any expert’s tips or tricks and as always wanted to do it my way. Gradually, it felt heavier and monstrous in my worn out hands (*sigh*). Besides, it was a 3×3 Rubik’s cube which was not the size of my palm, instead my hand. I suppose my parents bought me the one that was gigantic (reflecting their expectations for me to succeed). After all, I was still determined to solve this mysterious and exasperating cube solely through my own efforts and capacity to decipher.

After days of turning it back and forth, thought I have it all figured out when I managed to get one side of the cube right. Unfortunately, I’d no clue as to how to proceed further without unscrambling the solved side. In due course, I unwillingly turned to google and youtube for help. As you guessed it, all those so called simple algorithms that could solve the cube in a fraction of a second made no sense to me. Then, there came a moment, when I felt extremely mad and frustrated at the cube for refusing to align itself. So I tossed it deep among other junks in the storage box and never looked for it again.

Until, after a year or so, I stumbled upon that irksome object in the course of cleaning my selves. Even then, after a moment of hesitation, I picked it up with the same old determination that was unlikely to persist. This time, I unraveled the mystery of what lies within Rubik’s cube. In simple terms, I dissected the cube into pieces and was content on having seen the cube inside out!

Stay tuned!



41 thoughts on “#1 Nathi meets the Rubik’s Cube

      1. There are many ways to solve the cube, the lbl or layer by layer is the most basic of them. The idea is to first solve one side of the cube then using algs. to solve the second layer (the four middle edges). Lastly, solve the last layer. The most basic version of lbl has around 8 algs to be memorized.

        The one that I used back then is called CFOP which has 119 basic algs. though there are many “intuitive” algs that should be memorized.

        Those who can solve the cube under 6 seconds these days use additional methods like VLS, COLL, etc. which may have a total of 1300+ algs.

        The only way to learn to solve a cube is through practice. Cubers rely more heavily on pattern recognition and muscle memory than brute force memorization after all.

        Come to think of it, I think that I haven’t touched a cube for at least 7 years 😀

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      2. I really appreciate your effort you took to share this valuable piece of information. This means a lot to me. Thank you, Edmark 😉


  1. At first, I had no idea how to solve it. And Im so amazed whenever someone can do it. But when a friend taught me, I realized it’s not complicated. It’s easy if you follow the correct patterns.☺😉

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    1. Thanks a lot for the nomination. I feel so honoured and elated. However, I’m thinking of making it into an Award free blog. So I’ll surely let you know if I change my mind. Thanks again!

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