The Choice is Yours

(Note : Thanks to my dear friend for sending me this inspiring video on whatsapp)

……regretted not the things they did

but the things they didn’t do……

Initially, these words had me spellbound and I was vigorously shaking my head to acknowledge that these words were undoubtedly true and cannot be challenged at all costs. After watching the video a number of times, a new perspective was brought to light, that is :

What does regret mean?

A feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over an occurrence or something that one has done or failed to do. (Source : Google Search)

Very well, according to the study, elderly people (facing death, close to their last breath) when asked seemed to regret not the things they did but instead the things they didn’t do.

Here, if a person was to regret not having done something – there is an inevitable connection to the fact that they also regret what they’ve done in the first place. For better clarity, let’s take an example:

Suppose, I would like to pursue a career in music but due to demands and pressures from family, I decide against it. Instead, I settle for a job in IT. Later, when I think about the decision I took,

  • first I’ll regret having forgone music for IT,
  • which brings me to the point where I regret having done something I don’t want to do (by not pursuing my dream career).

Therefore, regret involves both the risk we never dared to take and the safe choice we settled for instead.

Doubt…..he has killed more dreams than failure ever did……

Is there any better way to put? Doubt is lethal. Well, it’s not like I’m free of doubts. However, I’m trying to overcome my doubts, prove my inner critic wrong, which sadly, has never been easy. Besides, our doubts are what keeps us shackled, locked and bound to our so called comfort zone.

We ought to break free and take flight. We might get knocked down, fall but failure gets us closer to realizing our dreams, our potential. Whereas, our doubts, keeps us away from the life we are meant to live.

In Prince Ea’s own words,

Pain is life, but you can choose what type:

Either the pain on the road to success or the pain of being haunted.

Hope you make the choice (the one you’re less likely to regret later)



12 thoughts on “The Choice is Yours

  1. Economists sometimes refer to “sunk cost” and “opportunity cost”. The “Sunk cost” is the time and money you have already spent on an activity and the “opportunity cost” is all the things you won’t do if you spend your future time, money and effort on said activity, rather than pursuing something new. It’s used to explain why people stay in jobs they hate and unsuitable relationships. I learnt about it on a Freakonomics Radio podcast about why it is sometimes better to give up on things that aren’t working out well for you!

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  2. This post is spot on. Doubt is more powerful than we care to admit, unfortunately! Great work too, and thanks for the follow x

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