A Canine at my Doorstep

You limped across the street to my doorstep

With perked up ears and keen eyes

Looking at me expectantly with a pained expression

Yet, I did nothing except

Watch you stand there.

Today was the second time I saw you at the gate, looking through the gaps with keen eyes. Watching you stand there looking at me was enough to unleash the torrent of questions fighting for my attention. Unfortunately, those questions were difficult and guilt inducing though I’m not directly responsible for your situation. Yet, I’m no better than the rest – the people at my locality, maybe it’s more right to say our locality.


You had a pained expression but keen eyes that had me enthralled. I moved towards the gate though I didn’t want to raise your hope. If you remember, the other day grandpa shooed you away and I was really sorry.  Then, I saw you limping across the street to different houses in hope of some kindness which undoubtedly was denied.

My mind then posed me these questions to which I had no answers:

You’ve access to good food, shelter, water and other basic necessities of life but why not that dog? Why is it on the streets ignored, shunned and uncared for? What are you going to do about it?

Why is there such a disparity? Well, my needs as a Human and the dog’s needs are similar at the basic level. All living things require air to breathe, food and water to sustain life, shelter to rest, feel safe and secured, above all love and compassion that every living thing inherently deserves.

Besides, what did you do to deserve better than that dog right outside, at your doorstep?

I wanted to help you, make life better for you but I’m not sure as to how. I did notice you limping across the street and that aching wound between your toe nails, broke my heart. I noticed something else too – your ribs were visible due to starvation and I wonder how long you’ll be able to survive on mere scraps of food, before it’s too late. And I’m not sure about your tail though, it seemed odd. Were you bitten?

I wish I could nurse your wound, feed you good food and provide you with shelter at least for a day or rather as long as I am around. But, something stops me and I feel like I failed you.

These are the 3 things that are stopping me from reaching out to you:

  1. Since, you are a street dog and hence less likely to have been vaccinated. I’m aware you mean no harm but there’s a question of ‘What if’, lurking at corner of not only my mind but other responsible adults do share this concern.
  2. Since, I’m here at this place only for a few more days; I’m unable to even share a piece of biscuit with you. Because you might come back hoping for a biscuit while I’m not around and get shooed away.
  3. You’re not welcomed here because other responsible adults in this residence don’t want you around because they’re concerned about the welling being of their family. Anyway, they cannot be blamed.

I know these are just excuses and I accept, I don’t have the courage to open the gate that is keeping us apart. I wish I could share my warmth and love for you but I’m restrained.


Nevertheless, something tugs at my heartstrings every time you come around. I don’t understand because I don’t find you cute or adorable, yet I feel something deep and inexplicable for you. As I’m concluding this post, I heard you were at the gate again and I rushed out to get a glimpse of those eyes of yours.


Thanks for reading!

Feel free to share your thoughts below!




15 thoughts on “A Canine at my Doorstep

  1. This reminds me of when I was in Thailand. There were all sorts of stray dogs outside where I stayed, and I would often give them the Thai chicken I became addicted to. I think you can give them some food! Even if they get shooed away coming back later, that will probably happen either way.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading and taking time to share your experience! You’re right, he’s likely to get shooed away either way. Maybe I should give something next time he shows up!


  2. That has got to really be tugging at your affection… There were all sorts of isolated dogs outside where I stayed, and I would often throw them the Thai chicken I became addicted to.


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